Private label coffee suppliers

Your blend is our business

Whether you already have your own blend and you’re looking for a new roasting partner or you want to create something entirely new, our expert team of Q graders is on hand to help create a bespoke private label blend in our purpose-built coffee quality and innovation lab.

We take the time to understand your business, your brand and your customers to find the perfect blend for you, using commercial analysis, competitor reviews and consumer insight.

When we’ve taken you – and your coffee – through all the steps, let our team of roasting experts handle the rest in our state-of-the-art roastery. Focusing on excellence and delivering consistently great coffee every time.

What we offer

Bespoke blend

High-grade commercial & speciality coffee

Market data & consumer insight


Individual products

Unique blends
Qualified in-house Q graders

The process

Write a brief
To create your ultimate blend, we’ll need to get to know you, your business and – most importantly – your customers. We’ll need to know your annual volume projections along with the number of products or blends you need, taking into account your must-haves or specific requirements, including certification, specific origins and the taste notes you’re looking for.
Send us your coffee samples
Whether you already have a blend you want us to match or you’re looking to refresh your existing range, the next stage is to send us your favourite blends and we’ll take it from there.
Blend development
Armed with all that information, our experts will create a range of options for you to choose from. We can either send these samples out for you to taste or you can come in to our coffee quality and innovation lab to try them with us.
Tasting & blend refinement
Your detailed feedback informs the next stage, where we will tweak any elements to make sure you are completely happy with your bespoke blend. If you need them, we can also send out more samples at this stage for internal tastings and blend sign-off.
Branding & pack design
If you don’t already have an established brand, we can help you create packaging that’s as delicious as the contents themselves. Already have a brand? Send us the guidelines and we’ll use them to design a bespoke bag, box or carton for you.
Launch planning & support
Whether you're starting a new business or brand or re-launching your existing blends - we want to make sure it's a great success. Our experts are here to help with planning your launch, providing everything from blend profiles and tasting notes to marketing guidance on how to promote your coffee to your customers.

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Send us your coffee (blend match)

Contact our coffee experts to help find your perfect blend, build your brand and business, pick packaging and start your learning journey with your coffee partner.