Halifax Decaf

Central America


Flavour notes

This decaffeinated coffee has a syrupy body, caramel sweetness and a nutty finish.

Roasted light-medium, this versatile whole bean coffee is at  home both in black and milk-based espresso drinks, as well as fresh ground cafetiere and filter offerings.

Blend origins

We source coffee from more than 40 origins around the world and work with both commodity and speciality traders to find the best-quality producers of coffee. Each origin brings it’s own unique characteristics and taste notes to a blend, and our Q graders and roasting experts and combine these to create the perfect blend for your business.

Central America

We use coffee from Honduras and Peru interchangeably as they are harvested at different times of year, so you are always getting the freshest quality.

Honduran coffee is harvested between December and April. Honduras is one of the leading producers of coffee in Central America.

Peruvian coffee is harvested between June and September. The highlands of Peru are an ideal environment for growing coffee. Rich soils, temperate climate and high growing altitudes slow the maturation of the coffee, allowing the beans to accumulate maximum flavour potential.

Featured products

Brazil, Central America, Costa Rica
Full bodied with dark chocolate and caramel sweetness that kicks through milk-based drinks.
Brazil, Central America, India
Heavy bodied with cocoa like sweetness and cinder toffee in the finish.
Brazil, Central America
Smooth mouthfeel, chocolate notes and a nutty finish.