Helping you to stand out from the crowd

We understand the importance of brand recognition and reputation – we’ve been carefully working on ours for the past 30 years, after all!

During that time, we’ve also helped our partners find out what makes them – and their customers – special, filtering this USP through the coffee range they choose.

We understand that quality and consistency are paramount. That’s why we put everything into making sure that, while the coffee in your customer’s cup carries all the Lincoln & York experience and expertise, the flavour and feeling that comes with it is inimitably yours.

What we do

The perfect blend for your brand

You can work with our team of quality focussed Q graders to create a bespoke private label blend for your brand – or choose one of our expertly developed white label blends.

Whether you choose a house blend or create a coffee that’s completely unique to your company, we only use high-grade commercial and speciality coffee, meaning you can rest assured that your customers are getting the best quality every time.

A man in an apron tasting coffee using a spoon
Packing lines and coffee roasting facilities within a working roastery

From the ground up …

Whether you’re launching a new brand, looking to take your business to the next level or undergoing a rebrand, we have the expertise and scale to help.

With a range of roasters from 30kg to 600kg, as well as multiple packing lines, which include a world-class, high-speed retail packing line, we have both the scale and flexibility to support your business, from start-ups to global brands.

Built-in support with every blend

We use market-leading data and consumer insight to bring you the latest coffee trends, along with all the latest on the global coffee industry.

By understanding what’s happening at a local, national and international level, you’ll build your brand and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our certified coffee options, carbon-neutral roastery and recyclable packaging can also support your ESG agenda and make sure you provide coffee that aligns with your values and ethics, and your customers’ expectations too.

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