Label design, packaging & distribution

Bespoke packaging solutions to bring your brand to life

From bulk bags to single-serve sachets and everything in between, we have recyclable packaging options to suit every requirement.

Our in-house graphic designer and dedicated account managers can liaise with you to create the perfect look for your label, created with the same care as we would our own. Because your reputation matters to us.

As an international coffee supplier, we have 15 packing lines that can pack into a wide range of coffee packaging formats, including bulk bags, machine-made bags, retail bags, pillow packs and pouches for pre-weighed, pre-ground coffee to suit cafetières or filter machines.

And with easy-serve espresso (ESE) pods and coffee bags also in the mix, there’s a solution for every customer – all designed to the highest standards, to keep your coffee fresh and full of flavour.


Individual products

£ 2,000,000

Investment in a world-class retail packaging line


Recyclable packaging – by the end of 2024 

Packaging formats

Your beans need to be as fresh as possible – that goes without saying. Browse our range of packaging formats and film options below.
Machine-made bags
Available in a range of pack sizes from 200g-1kg, and suitable for whole beans or ground coffee.

Our machine-made bags are gas flushed and come with a valve to keep your coffee fresher for longer.

Available in a choice of recyclable film and a range of colours including black, white and kraft or in bespoke printed film.
Quad bags & retail packs
Available in a range of pack sizes from 200g-250g, our quad packs are perfect for retail brands to give great shelf stand-out.

Suitable for whole beans and ground coffee, they are available in black, kraft or bespoke printed film and come gas flushed with a vavle to keep your coffee fresh.
Pouches & pillow packs
Pillow packs and single-serve sachets available in a range of sizes from 7g-300g.

These packs are perfect when you're looking for pre-weighed, pre-ground coffee to deliver quality and consistency every time whether it's for espresso, cafetière or filter machines.

Available in recyclable film and a range of colours including black, white and kraft.
Coffee bags
Our coffee bags are individually wrapped and come with 7.5g-10g of coffee in each bag.

Gas flushed for freshness, they are available in recyclable black, white or kraft film.

Coffee bags are the perfect blend of quality and convenience. Just like tea bags, simply pop them into the cup or mug, and add hot water. Best brewed for three minutes, followed by a good squeeze.
Easy serve espresso pods (ESE pods)
Our ESE pods make serving a consistently great quality espresso a breeze.

Pre-weighed and pre-ground, simply pop the pod straight into the portafilter with no need to grind or tamp. Available in a single or double shot and in recyclable white film.
If you're looking for a premium packaging format or gifting solution for a luxury coffee range that really stands out, our coffee tins are the perfect choice.

Available bespoke and fully printed or in aluminium with recyclable labels, these tins come gas flushed with a valve for maximum freshness and are suitable for whole beans or ground coffee.
Resealable pre-made pouches
If you're looking for a bag that's a bit more bespoke, ask us about our range of pre-made bags and pouches in recyclable film.

These packs look great on shelf and some also come with a resealable tape.

Coffee packaging design

We know how important it is to make your mark with custom coffee packaging. Our in-house graphic designer is ready to help you build bespoke branding, from coffee label designs to full bag mock-ups.

Whether you’re starting from scratch and need some help developing your brand and logo – or you’ve already got your brand and want to bring this to life on your chosen pack, we’ve got you covered.

Once you’ve got the logo you love, and selected that perfect palette, we can print directly onto bags with our in-line printing capability, or apply a label. We also pack into bespoke fully-printed branded film, depending on individual customer branding requirements and volumes.

Image of coffee packaging in various colours

Let’s talk coffee

Contact our coffee experts to help find your perfect blend, build your brand and business, pick packaging and start your learning journey with your coffee partner.