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Effective ways to get more customers into your coffee shop

When it comes to attracting footfall to your coffee shop, you don’t have to be entirely reliant on the natural flow of passing brunch seekers and shoppers. Combining the appeal of your physical shop front with some clever online hacks will allow you to secure a greater rate of customers to your establishment this year. Here are some of our simplest and most effective ways of using online marketing to influence what happens offline.

Claim your business online

Google my business

Listing your coffee shop’s ‘Business Profile’ correctly in Google is a great way to ensure people searching for a coffee shop in your area can quickly find out all they want to know, via Google Search or Google Maps. Claiming your business is free. Make sure that you complete every section of your profile, including opening hours, your address, phone number and a link to your website if you have one. If there are changes to your opening hours for example, make sure that they are updated in your profile so that customers don’t leave disappointed after making a journey.

If you have a website, and you want to know more about your customers, Google Insights can show you what customers in your area may be searching for when they view your website and where they are. This will help you gain a deeper understanding of what to serve, what to say and where to promote your business. You can claim your business on Google here.

Claim your business on other channels too, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor – and make sure you keep them updated. These sites also provide useful free metrics if you want to know more about who is searching for you. 

Google My Business

Using social media

Social media done well can be a powerful marketing tool. If you decide to adopt it for your business, be committed, use it regularly in a positive way and make sure your content adds value to your customers. It’s not your personal account, so be wary of posting opinions and anything which may alienate customers. Any business information must be kept up to date here too. Use video for increased views, add hashtags so that people can understand more about you and actively engage with like-minded businesses and individuals in your area. If you’re not sure what to say about your business or how to do it, this article titled unlock the power of social media for your cafe might help with ideas. 

Social Media

Take new photographs

Adding photos enables customers to make informed decisions about whether your place is right for them. Take some high-quality photos of your business, inside and out, on a regular basis, and add them to the above websites. Make sure it’s always looking its best, through all seasons, and remember to take photographs of any events you host. Google My Business has published some great tips for taking photos to encourage customers to come into your coffee shop.

Local News

Being active in your local community will encourage people to talk about your business. Hosting events could be one way to do this, or you might consider inviting established local groups to come and meet at your premises. Think about what events your community will respond well to, such as music, book clubs or board games. If you have an offer, product or event that is newsworthy, then contact your local news outlets or local Bloggers who may give you a mention and help to spread the word.

Regulars and Reviews

Your regular customers can be your greatest advocates. Encourage them to add online reviews and photos and remember to thank them. Responding to reviews, including any bad ones, is also a great way to show that you care about customer experience.

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