A beginners guide to the perfect cup of coffee

If you’ve ever found yourself in a coffee shop overcome with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy, it’s fine, you’re not alone. There are plenty of novices out there. Upon entering a coffee establishment, it can be intimidating to be presented with a plethora of coffee drink possibilities, especially if you’re considering an attempt to pronounce […]

The evolution of the espresso

Allow us to take you on an espresso journey… “Modern” espresso, as we know it, once redefined what coffee meant to the masses. It’s arrival signalled a monumental shift in the way both create and consume coffee.   Today, espresso has become the foundation of all freshly filtered, premium coffee drinks. What is an espresso? […]

How to make cold brew coffee at home

Brewing ratios for cold brew The first thing to consider is the brewing ratios. When you make cold brew, cold water extracts the flavour from the coffee a lot slower than when you use hot water. So, when making cold brew, use twice as much coffee as you normally would – if you use two […]

The art of making the perfect coffee blend

No two blends are the same and here, at Lincoln & York, we pride ourselves on delivering customer satisfaction by combining our expert knowledge with a customer’s requirements. Some customers are fully aware of what they want – which we facilitate – and some come to us looking for our guidance and expertise. This means […]

The best way to brew coffee at home

As consumers continue to demand better quality coffee, we’re seeing that more people are upgrading their equipment to get a better quality coffee at home too. From espresso machines, to AeroPress, the market for home-use brewing equipment has never been more prevalent. This is making it easier than ever to grab some of your favourite beans […]

5 ways to up your coffee game at home

More and more consumers are upgrading their standard cup of instant coffee to fresh coffee, but how can you take that a step further? The flavour of coffee is impacted by many things throughout the process, but regardless of preference, here are our top five tips to make sure the coffee you brew at home is the […]

Coffee extraction – taste the difference

What is coffee extraction? When considering coffee, it’s rich history, the many methods of its production and the vast variety of flavours, coffee extraction is often overlooked. When, in fact, it’s arguably the most imperative part of coffee – without it, you don’t even have a cup of coffee! The extraction element is everything that […]

How to grind coffee – does the grind size matter?

A white ceramic coffee cup with a black coffee sleeve sits on a wooden table.

If you’re still exploring the best barista and brewing methods for the perfect cup of coffee, it will be important to factor in the coffee grind size, for the most professional results. Depending on the coffee you are trying to create – french press, cold brew or espresso – the coffee grind size will matter. From coarse to […]

High quality coffee beans

How can you identify a high quality coffee bean? The quality of a coffee bean can shine through at any stage of the coffee process. The origin, method of harvesting, drying, processing and roasting of coffee can each contribute to the overall quality. Therefore, it’s important to recognise factors which contribute to a quality coffee […]

Coffee plants, bean species and their origins

Woman harvesting a coffee plant

Where do coffee beans come from? In the literal sense, coffee beans come from coffee plants. In a geographical sense, evidence suggests that the first species of coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a goat farmer (Kaldi) and his hyperactive goats. From here, coffee beans have reached far and wide. Coffee plantations can be discovered […]