Coffee pods & ground coffee vs instant coffee

A quick coffee Instant coffee was created out of convenience, hence why it proved popular in ration packs for soldiers in both WWI and WWII. Troops from around the world benefited from that instant caffeine hit, once hot water was added to the granules. Of course, there was no need to evolve it or look […]

What’s the difference between white label and private label coffee?

Private label and white label are both terms that can overlap, given that they tend to be products branded by a reseller and sold to the general public. However, they are not the same and there are distinct differences.  What is white label? Derived from the music industry, ‘white label’, was a term used for […]

A beginners guide to the perfect cup of coffee

If you’ve ever found yourself in a coffee shop overcome with an overwhelming sense of inadequacy, it’s fine, you’re not alone. There are plenty of novices out there. Upon entering a coffee establishment, it can be intimidating to be presented with a plethora of coffee drink possibilities, especially if you’re considering an attempt to pronounce […]

It’s time for our combination coffee and Christmas

Christmas is the perfect time of year for great coffee. The rich, familiar smell; your favourite mug warming your hands on a cold morning. We genuinely don’t think there’s a better way to start a winter’s day. Seasonal specials On the high street, Christmas has become synonymous with seasonal coffee flavour treats such as the […]

From coffee bean to coffee cup

How is coffee produced and how well do you know your beans? Here at Lincoln & York we are continuously researching new products to deliver bespoke coffee to our customers. How much do you know about your favourite coffee and where it comes from? Soaring global coffee consumption is good news for the industry and […]

How to produce a successful private label coffee?

Image of two men sitting and talking, with one facing the camera and the other with his back to the camera.

What is a private label coffee? A private label or white label coffee is produced by a private roasting house, can be packaged with your branding, and sold through your distribution channels. Consistency and quality are key when it comes to creating a bespoke coffee blend for your business. The word blend means to combine […]

Are coffee subscriptions the future?

Over the past few years, subscription boxes have increased in popularity. From beauty and hygiene products to food and gin boxes; there are subscriptions for almost everything at the touch of a buy now button. It is a purchase model that consumers are comfortable with too, in fact, 69% of households now subscribe to at […]

How to make a sustainable coffee

How to make a great tasting coffee, whilst getting a fair deal for producers and the environment Producing sustainable products and operating ethically is now an expectation of responsible businesses and consumers, but perhaps even more so in the tea and coffee industries which have deservedly faced criticism in the past.  Ethically and sustainable produced coffee […]

Iced coffee recipe ideas for your menu

Easter Iced Mocha what could be better than an Easter iced mocha to go? Start with chocolate or caramel syrup, top with ice. Pour over ½ cup of strong cold coffee and ½ cup of milk. Stir or shake together. Top with whipped cream and decorate with smashed Easter egg. Decaf over ice For those customers […]

Out of home coffee market – the Covid impact

The inevitable impact When we looked at the Kantar out of home (OOH) coffee market data to 14th June 2020, it confirmed what we all anticipated, namely that the sector had taken the hardest of hits. OOH coffee was valued at £5.3bn, down 17.1%*. Unsurprisingly – given that the segment represents 43% of the OOH […]