Coffee Roasting

Lincoln & York operates two state-of-the-art coffee roasteries, home to a family of six Brambati S.p.A coffee roasters and 14 packing lines. We are proud to be the only large roaster in the UK to have our own contingency facility, offering ultimate reliability and total flexibility to all customers.

Custom designed and imported from Italy, our equipment ranges from macro to micro enabling us to fulfil orders from 60kg to 6,000kg and beyond.

Our 600kg drum roaster is the largest coffee roaster in the UK and sits alongside its neighbours in our main roastery, Kahawa House.

Next door Blenheim North is our contingency facility and home to the youngest members of the Lincoln & York roasting family including a 30kg speciality coffee microroaster.

Our roasters don’t run by themselves. Our team of operators monitor all roasts in person, not only checking the progress on our robust computer system but by sight and smell.

Contingency Roasting

All manufacturers need a back-up plan. Lincoln & York is the only large coffee roaster in the UK to have its own contingency facility ensuring that, should any problem arise in the main roastery, all orders can be fulfilled without disruption.

Coffee Roasting

The self-contained site, opened in 2014, has all the features of our existing roastery including:

  • Green coffee intake area
  • Contingency roasters and packing lines
  • Development kitchen/cupping room
  • Completely separate power supply

We also provide a contingency service to other coffee businesses, to fulfil overflow orders or provide back up in case of disruption.

Keep calm and drink coffee }