Coffee Packing

With 14 packing lines in operation at the roastery, our range of products and packaging solutions is vast. Our approach to packaging and packing coffee is about balancing style and substance, creating a packaged product that looks great for its function, keeps beans at their freshest for the longest time possible and travels well to its destination in the UK or further afield.

Coffee Packing

Machine made bags and sachets – espresso and filter with valves

We can create gas-flushed machine-made bags of beans in weights from 100g to 5kg and everything in between. Choose from a range of coloured or kraft films or work with us to create a custom branded film.

Pre-made bags and pouches with valves

Choose from a wide-range of pre-made packaging including bags and pouches in varying colours and textures. From 100g to 1kg, we will work closely with you to find the right packaging option for you.

Specialist tins

Premium packaging has become a huge trend in coffee in recent years and we have invested in the automated lines to produce gas-flushed tins. A popular choice for retail coffee with a selection of labelling options.

ESE pods 14g and 7g

Lincoln & York is one of the UK’s only producers of Easy Serve Espresso (ESE) pods. Available in 7 and 14 gramme variants, ESE pods are a simple way to brew high quality espresso.

Print and label solutions

We guard our customers’ reputations as if they were our own. We want you to be proud of your coffee and its packaging. Our creative team can work with you to develop a packaging solution on brand and on budget.


We work with our reliable logistics partners to deliver products to distribution centres across the UK and the world. Our packing and delivery options are flexible and we will work alongside you to create a solution that works perfectly for your business.

Branded Coffee Bags

Coffee Bags

Introducing our exciting new bags of flavour! Our coffee beans are roasted, ground and then packed in to bags, locking in the freshness and all of the flavour! This means our coffee bags offer quality coffee in a convenient way – maximising the taste whilst minimising the hassle.

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