Green Coffee Buying

Our directors have been sourcing and buying coffee for over 25 years. Our knowledge and experience in this field means we can buy the right coffee, at the right time and at the right price. We have…

  • Established relationships with traditional traders in London, Amsterdam and Hamburg
  • New relationships with specialised companies in Brazil, UK, Belgium.
  • A six-strong coffee team including three Coffee Quality Institute certified Q Graders and one QR Grader

Price risk management

Coffee is a commodity, traded on the New York and London futures and commodity exchanges. One of the most important criteria for choosing a coffee supplier is their commitment to price risk management.

Lincoln & York offers:

  • The ability to price protect and deliver a defined cost structure up to two years in advance.
  • A fully functioning commodities trading account with INTL FC STONE LTD in London and Miami.
  • Position taking or hedging with coffee futures, options and OTC instruments
  • Protection and enhancement of pricing models by using currency options in British Pounds, US Dollars or Euros.

{ Keep calm and drink coffee }