Products & Services

We are experts in sourcing, roasting, packing and delivering completely customised, coffee products. From 7g ground coffee ESE pods to 1kg bags of espresso beans, 60kg roasts of high grade speciality coffee to 600kg of blended espresso, we’ve structured ourselves and our roastery to be adaptable to whatever you need. We fulfil the whole package for you, but here is a look at the individual steps we take to deliver you expertly created coffee…

Coffee Wholesale

Buying Your Beans

Our close relationships with origin, strong supply network and coffee buying expertise ensure we can source high grade coffee at appropriate prices, eliminating risk & volatility.

Sourcing your beans

An excellent cup of coffee begins with excellent green coffee. We source our green arabica and robusta coffees from over 40 origins across the globe.

Roasting your beans

When coffee people talk about ‘the art of roasting’, they are talking sense. Roasting is a fascinating process that requires major skill and close attention to detail. Our family of state-of-the-art roasters and experienced team ensure we get the best out of our green beans and roast to closely monitored specifications.

Packing your beans

With 14 packing lines in operation at the roastery, our range of products and packaging solutions is vast. Our approach to packaging and packing coffee is about balancing style and substance, creating a packaged product that looks great for its function and keeps beans at their freshest for the longest time possible.

Keep calm and drink coffee }