Meet our coffee people

Danny Liens

Warehouse Supervisor

Favourite thing about your job? Even though every day is different, it’s sort of the same. So I know what’s coming. . . Sort of!
How do you take your coffee? Out of the cup and replaced with a tea bag!
What is your favourite song? It depends on mood, but this minute, Eminem – Bezerk
What is your favourite film? Scarface.
Best meal you’ve ever eaten? I had a T.Bone steak in NYC once bigger than my head and it was amazing.
Tell us a joke? What do Donkeys on Cleethorpes beach get for dinner? Half an hour…..!
Best place you’ve ever ‘bean’? New York.
Tell us something not many people know about you? I like my hair blonde. What’s left of it.

Keep calm and drink coffee }