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There is cause for celebration this month as longstanding member of staff, Tom Altoft, has become the private label coffee roaster’s third qualified Q Grader.

Green Bean Co-Coordinator, Tom, passed with flying colours after a rigorous six day examination process. The prestigious coffee tasting qualification, awarded by the Coffee Quality Institute, is held by only 42 people in the UK. Tom joins James Sweeting and Rebekah Kettrick as our third Q Grader.

Tom Altoft joined Lincoln & York in 2000 at the tender age of 17. After working his way up from the packing line, Tom has been managing the co-ordination of coffee stocks and roasting coffee at Lincoln & York for over a decade. With his sterling knowledge and experience of coffee, it is easy to understand how he was one of a rare number of Q Graders to pass the qualification without the need to resit modules. The latest Q Grade examination took place at Square Mile Coffee Roasters in London. The examinations take place in different locations all over the world.

This new acknowledgement further enhances the knowledge and qualifications within our team. James Sweeting comments:

“We couldn’t be prouder of Tommy for becoming an official Q Grader. To have not one, but three Q Graders amongst the Lincoln & York team is a huge achievement – our tasting room has never been busier!

“From the young man who came to us straight out of school in 2000, Tom has grown hugely in skills and confidence and is a great asset to the team and very deserving of this qualification. Please join us in wishing him huge congratulations.”

To find out more about the Q Coffee System and the upcoming courses, visit the Coffee Quality Institute website here

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