Which Milk Alternatives Go Best With Coffee?

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If you are going to invest in private label coffee roasting then you should make sure that you know how best to serve it.

As another Veganuary comes to a close, it’s time to reflect on one of the biggest challenges this annual season of deprivation brings: finding the best milk alternative for your coffee.

Anyone choosing to commit to veganism from now on will need to have plant-based milk all year round, as will people who need to stop eating dairy. This means it is essential to find the best plant-based milk for your coffee.

Here are some of the options:


Soya milk

One of the biggest problems with this is that the milk tends to split after sitting a while in the coffee. However, taste-wise this is pleasantly nutty, and if you get an unsweetened one, provides a weak-tasting, dairy and nut-free alternative which many of the others don’t.


Coconut milk

This should be popular with people who are into their Bullet Coffee. Yes, the coconut overwhelms the taste of the coffee, but some people quite like it. Another nut-free and slightly more ‘natural’ option, for people who are after that.


Nut milks

Be aware these are obviously unsuitable for people who can’t eat nuts, but if it is taste you are judging on, remember that these are not all made equal. Almond and hazel nut milk tastes very nutty and are also quite watery, which can be off putting. For a creamier, less overwhelming flavour, try cashew milk which is creamier.

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