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When welcoming in a new year, whilst you should be reflective on the year gone by, you should also be open to new ventures and possibilities.  

Given the success of Lincoln & York’s sales in Europe last year, earning them The Sunday Times International Fast Track 200 award, coupled with the anticipated rise in both branded and independent coffee shops across Europe, their debut at Amsterdam’s Horecava exhibition in the new year (7-10th Jan) couldn’t be more timely.

Horecava is the Netherland’s largest and most important trade exhibition for the food service and hospitality sector. For over 60 years, the event has encouraged people to attend to benefit from a face to face experience you can’t replicate online or over a phone. Perhaps, echoing why the event now spans across four days and welcomes over 65,000 professionals.Such a platform is perfect for Lincoln & York to showcase their products and services to an entirely new European audience.

As you can appreciate, the coffee market in Europe is actively engaged. Allegra reports that 23 of 24 national markets across Europe show a significant expansion in coffee shop outlets, with the likes of Romania, Denmark and Cyprus all showing impressive annual outlet growth.

With that in mind, and given that the UK remains Europe’s most developed coffee shop market, (driving innovation and influence across the continent), Lincoln & York are ideally poised to introduce their range of inventive products, such as their new ‘Bags of Flavour’ coffee bags, to the European elite.

Lincoln & York’s ‘Bags of Flavour’ is their latest offering, in an effort to breach the gap between premium coffee and instant coffee. The new product has been developed as a solution for enjoying fresh tasting, premium coffee on-the-go but without the hassle, saving you both time and money.

To achieve this, the experts at Lincoln & York avoided wasting valuable time and energy by laboriously extracting coffee flavours and aromas from the beans, only to freeze dry them again in an effort to lock in flavour. Instead, they roasted, ground, packed and sealed their blends, to maximise freshness and flavour.

Furthermore, by capturing the nostalgia of a tea bag and encapsulating both speed and convenience, the coffee bags should open up an avenue for premium coffee offerings, in a variety of flavours, in a simplified way.

With house blends collating the best of Brazil, India and Sumatra alongside a specialist single origin Colombian blend, Lincoln & York are looking to tantalise the taste-buds of the professionals at Horecava.

If you are attending Horecava in the new year and are wanting to start 2019 with something a little different, visit stand 12.500 to discover the next coffee trend.

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