Key Social Media Trends For Coffee Buyers Revealed

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Understanding the way that your potential customers view your private label coffee is the key to marketing at them, so insight from the likes the Foresight Factory, reported here by Quick Bite magazine, could be invaluable for taking your business to the next level next year.

This study is based on ‘social media listening’ and their process saw them analysing over 186 million social media posts mentioning coffee over a two-year period. Their analysts have tracked these trends and come up with forecasts for the coffee-selling industry, focusing on two key points.


The Craft of Coffee

The understanding of coffee as a craft beverage is a big change in consumer perception, which has undoubtedly stemmed, itself, from the social media revolution. For the mainstream, there’s much more interest in the craftsmanship behind the drink, giving you some key areas to market your brand.

The first is ‘Instagrammability’, perhaps not a real word yet but one that will be definitely playing a big factor in the world of coffee shops moving forward. Of course, this sort of research is skewed towards producing this result, as we’re looking at social media, but over the two year period, posts about photogenic coffee have grown an un-ignorable 4,446 per cent.

Viral coffee posts are now a thing, and even high street chains have heard the call of photogenic coffee, with a growing focus on limited edition, seasonal products especially.

The viral nature of coffee online has also lead to another micro-trend – the celebrity barista and the barista influencer – showcasing their technical skill in creating Instagram-worthy coffees to a quickly burgeoning audience.

So how can we use this trend in the coffee shop business? One part is to focus time and energy on your barista staff. Giving them training, or the prompt to take some artistry in the creation of coffee could help draw an audience. Finishing the coffee at the counter in front of the customer may also be a nice touch to set your business apart.

Laura Dennehy, head of content solutions at Foresight Factory, said: “Paying attention to the aesthetic qualities of the packaging and the drink itself taps into consumer desire for ‘photogenic’ coffee.”

Noting the parallel to craft beer packaging, Laura even says that the coffee industry is following similar design tropes in creating packaging for new coffee brands.


Fuel for Fitness

The second big trend from social media is looking at different instances of enjoying coffee outside of the traditional work/socialising dialogue. There’s a growing connotation of coffee with health and fitness – thanks to a raft of research in the field reported by health and fitness magazines and websites which suggests it super-charges your workout.

Mentions of a pre-coffee workout were up by 84 per cent over the period and the invention of protein coffee as a product should demonstrate some serious demand out there.

However, the growth in the cold brew trend also mirrors a growing health conscious interest around coffee, especially for those cutting out dairy and sugar from their diets.

Coffee shops have not, traditionally, been associated with health and wellbeing for consumers, so ensuring that your business has an offering for them could lure a lucrative new market into your business.

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