Branded UK Coffee Chains On The Rise

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The rise of branded coffee shops in Europe is showing no signs of slowing down, with the latest research from Allegra Strategies revealing that, across the continent, the number of cafes increased by 6.4 per cent this year.

This means there are now an estimated 22,714 outlets, which doesn’t include the independent stores that have popped up in many towns and cities too.

Within Europe, the UK market posted a particularly strong performance. It was named as the most developed market on the continent, with the organisation revealing that it added 643 outlets to its existing network, which now stands at more than 7,000 coffee shops across the biggest brands in the sector.

The growth of the big coffee chains in the UK and Europe as a whole will only continue if these brands are able to adapt to changing consumer preferences, the analysts suggested.

Customers are increasingly seeking out artisan coffee shops, which means they tend to turn their backs on the larger chains in favour of smaller, more boutique outlets. However, it noted that the most successful chains are “invigorating their brands with new in-store design, single origin coffee and freshly prepared food offerings”.

Another way in which coffee shops are having to adapt is to fit into the trend towards what it’s describing as “the business of coffee”. This involves delivering higher standards of professionalism and introducing more advanced business practices.

The future of the market for coffee shops is positive, Allegra Strategies noted, adding that it will be buoyed by the consumer’s desire to have good quality coffee anywhere and at any time.

Despite the continued growth of the best-known chains, there are still plenty of opportunities for independent coffee shops and other outlets to draw customers in. Of course, one of the keys to this is investing in high-quality private label coffee to ensure what you’re serving customers hits the spot every time.

There are signs elsewhere that consumers are happy to visit smaller outlets and frequent local businesses where they have the opportunity to do so. The Independent recently ran an article highlighting some of the best alternatives to service stations.

It doesn’t occur to many people driving on the UK’s motorways to take a small detour to find food and drink that is of a higher quality and at a lower price than that offered at the convenient service stations.

Either that or, as the newspaper points out, we worry that we won’t find anywhere quickly and will add time and miles to our journey. But now there’s a new book that offers alternative places for a pitstop, all of which are within 15 minutes of motorways and major A roads in the UK.

This may well appeal to people who regularly drive long distances, as it’s nice to have a change and may even mean you get to sample some excellent food and drink along the way. Any small coffee shops, cafes or restaurants that missed out on inclusion this time may want to see if they can feature in any future editions.

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