Amsterdam Coffee Festival 2017 Round-Up

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Our Tasting Team headed to Amsterdam on 10th March to check out the latest trends and innovations in coffee at the Amsterdam Coffee Festival.

Trainee Taster and Buyer Kieran Power gives us an insight into some of the exciting products showcased at the event.


Karacho Cold Brew and Coldbrew360:
Karacho are a company from Germany who make cold brew using organic Indian robusta. The beans are slowly drum-roasted to develop high levels of caramel whilst reducing acidity, resulting in a very chocolatey cold brew. The coffee was packaged in “cartocans” – cardboard cans made from recycled materials. Their two current products are a black cold brew mixed with organic coconut water, which was very refreshing, and a “cold brew latte” made with organic milk and agave nectar.








As well as showing off their cartocans, Karacho were also serving their coffee from a Nitro DP-25 made by Coldbrew360 – a tap that compresses nitrogen from the air, meaning that no nitrogen canister is needed to dispense the coffee.

Springbay Blackcurrant Coffee

A cold brewed coffee infused with blackcurrants, cane sugar and lemon juice. This coffee-cordial was served over ice with sparkling water, and can be diluted with hot water too for a winter warmer.

The Übermilk

The Übermilk is a table-top milk dispenser fed from an under-the-counter fridge. It is capable of dispensing incredibly smooth-textured and sweet microfoam, instantly, at the press of a button. In fact, the milk texture is so good that it can be used for latte art that keeps its pattern hours after the cup has already gone cold. The machine has a variety of settings for foam thickness, temperature and dispensing volume. The machine is also capable of dosing cold milk for manual steaming as well as aerating still black coffee for a nitro-style cold brew, without the nitro.

Keep an eye out for the Übermilk stand at the London Coffee Festival 2017!

The Übermilk

Coffee Brewer:
Made by Grower’s Cup, the innovative coffee brewer bridges the gap between convenient, instant coffee and high quality filter coffee. Just add hot water and brew for three minutes before pouring straight into a cup – they make a wonderful alternative to hotel instant.









The Coffee Quest:
We also met a new trader called The Coffee Quest, who had some interesting and less often seen coffees. The naturally processed and washed Colombians stood out on the cupping table.



As well as a whole host of small batch speciality roasters, the festival also showcased a large number of alternative, health-focussed drinks and beverages. Among the Kombuchas (fermented tea) and artisanal lemonades, we found a company selling carbonated cascara, a tea made from coffee cherries – Panamanian in this case.
This particular brand used no added sugar, resulting in a tart but naturally sweet and highly caffeinated drink.

Coffee Company:
We were able to pop into Coffee Company and see the Oude School blend proudly on display. Coffee Company stands out from many of the independent speciality shops in Amsterdam by offering espresso based drinks using a wide variety of blends and single origins, whereas the smaller shops are more filter coffee focused, with many only using a small, single group espresso machine.


Amsterdam Coffee:
As well as the usual speciality offering, Amsterdam has a plethora of coffee supply shops selling manual brewing kit, espresso machines and freshly roasted coffee.
Our Sales Director, Bruce, was also able to catch up with Hans Tietema who owns Kaldi coffee, operating over 30 shops in the Netherlands and serving “Black Goat” 100% Robusta coffee.


All in all it was a great event and the team had a fantastic time exploring the coffee scene of beautiful Amsterdam. Next up, it’s the London Coffee Festival on 5th-9th April 2017!

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