Coffee & Vegetables – An Interesting Combination

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When you think ‘white label coffee’, your next thought probably isn’t ‘avocado’, but it seems there are some in the industry out there who consider the two to be an obvious pairing. And it doesn’t stop there!

A little café over in Australia has just come up with the intriguing idea of scooping out an avocado and filling it with a latte – dubbed the Avolatte, of course. The concept will likely prove to be particularly appealing to Millennials, given research published last year by the Hass Avocado Board that people aged between 25 and 34 are more likely to buy avocados… and spend more on them than other age groups!

And this is just the start of it! We’ve also come across the Carrot-cino, a new menu offering from Locals Corner in Sydney, Australia, where a carrot is hollowed out and served with a tasty coffee inside. It seems unlikely that this idea will catch on elsewhere, since the drinks are rather on the small side and not hugely practical, prone to leakage – but in terms of social media appeal, it can’t really be faulted as a concept.

Let’s not forget the Tomato Cortado, either. This was invented by barista Conor Poull, working out of West Oak Coffee Bar in Denton in the US – quite simply, a scooped-out tomato with some espresso coffee and steamed milk inside!

We’re sure this isn’t the last of the veggie lattes that we’re going to see over the next few months – it’s really just a matter of what concoction will these inventive and enterprising baristas come up with next!

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