5 Top Coffee House Interior Trends To Try Today

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Selling white label coffee isn’t as simple as hiring the best baristas, having some lovely china and finding a good site on a busy and bustling high street. You’ve got to make the inside of your venue look as inviting as the outside, making sure that your diner’s interiors stay up to date with the latest trends.

With coffee venues across the country now upping their game when it comes to fit-outs, a dated aesthetic could certainly keep customers away. Here are some of the top trends for coffee houses that you might want to consider bringing in this year.


Industrial chic shows no signs of slowing down and a quick wander around your local town or city will prove to you just how popular this particular look is. It’s smart, it’s pared back and can be relatively easy to achieve. Think exposed brick, galvanised steel and visible pipework – you could really complete the look by serving your coffee in creative crockery such as conical flasks to really add the ‘wow factor’.


There’s a big trend at the moment to combine coffee shops with something else, most notably arts and crafts or board games. Look to the likes of The Doodle Bar in London (not a coffee shop but still worth looking into), where the walls are chalkboard so that customers can come in and scribble on them. Or there’s Drink Shop & Do, where craft nights are put on as a matter of course so you can enjoy your coffee and cake while knitting, sewing and a whole lot more. These ideas can work particularly well for venues off the beaten track, since you can position yourself as a destination.

Scandi style

Another key trend that doesn’t look as though it’ll be going anywhere any time soon is the beautiful and minimalist Scandinavian style. Think white walls, natural materials for your tables and chairs, clean lines, beautiful wooden floors, faux fur throws and rugs. You could even include Scandinavian food and coffee traditions within your menu such as the kanelbulle – a Swedish cinnamon roll they like to enjoy with coffee.

Pastel colours

If you’d rather just give your coffee house a new lick of paint, then pastel colours would be a good way to go. These have been very popular for homes over the last few months and their bright but retro hues are entirely welcoming, so people will certainly be brought in from outside as they pass. The Great British Bake-Off has brought vintage, retro style into the here and now which is great because it can be simple and cost-effective to achieve.

Seating options

Yes, you might well prefer to drink your mug of coffee sat at a table in a comfy armchair but this won’t be everyone’s cup of tea… Why don’t you think about having alternative kinds of seating in your coffee house that will act as a draw for people coming in and also give them something to talk about when they leave. You could have a beanbag corner, for example, or even have a hanging chair or swing set up for the kookier among your customers. A great photo opportunity!

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