Scotland Supports Charge On Disposable Coffee Cups

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The question of which private label coffee to adopt as your signature blend is just one of the big ones your business needs to tackle, however the next big question that will be facing all coffee retailers who provide beverages to take away may be that of disposable coffee cups.

According to a poll by the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) of Scottish people, 72 per cent said they were in favour of a tax on disposable paper and plastic coffee cups. Only eight per cent of those surveyed actually opposed the idea. This follows a similar survey of the rest of the UK in which 74 per cent said that the charge was a good idea.

Each year, £2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away in the UK, equivalent to 10,000 every two minutes, according to the Scotsman.

Calum Duncan, head of conservation Scotland for the MCS, spoke of the easy alternatives retailers and consumers should consider for the environment’s sake: “As the environmental toll of litter on our seas grows, we need progressive measures that discourage the throwaway mindset whilst encouraging simple positive actions like using re-fillable ‘on-the-go’ coffee cups and drinks bottles.”

Throwaway coffee cups are largely impossible to recycle as they contain a material that provides the waterproof coating – something that can only be recycled at two sites in the UK.

Previous research suggests that a tax similar to the plastic bag tax introduced in 2015 would reduce usage by just 3.4 per cent, however this could grow as large as 12 per cent with the right message and possible provision of free reusable drinks vessels.

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