The Rise & Rise Of Decaf Coffee

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How many times have you heard someone say, “why do people drink decaf coffee?” It seems as though many consumers fall into the trap of thinking that coffee has to have a certain level of caffeine in order be enjoyable. But it looks like this kind of thinking may well be a thing of the past, with decaf coffee enjoying something of a revival these days.

It’s true that when decaf first came to the fore, it certainly wasn’t as delicious as its caffeinated counterpart, but times have changed and so has decaf, and the drink’s taste and quality has improved, with many decaf lovers declaring that they can’t even tell the difference.

And it certainly seems as though coffee drinkers are increasingly willing to give decaf a go every now and again, especially since there are numerous health benefits to doing so.

Sensitivity to caffeine varies from person to person. Decaf is the ideal option for more sensitive coffee lovers and those who enjoy coffee after an evening meal. Decaffeinated coffee can also be a good choice for anyone suffering from nervousness, diabetes and insomnia.

There are a handful of different decaffeination processes to remove caffeine from coffee beans. The most common method is the CO2 method which uses chemicals to extract caffeine from green coffee beans before they have been roasted. The Swiss Water Decaf method is also increasingly popular amongst our customers and the end consumer. This is a completely chemical-free decaffeination process that uses water to extract caffeine.

You’d certainly be wise to ensure that you provide decaf coffee as an option in your venue. If a second grinder is not an option for your sites, consider a decaffeinated coffee as an ESE Pod of single serve sachet from Lincoln & York. To find out more about our experience as a private label coffee supplier of decaf coffee, get in touch with the team here at Lincoln & York today.

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