Pubs & Bars Turning To Coffee To Keep Punters Happy!

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It’s no secret that the UK’s coffee shop market is growing steadily, or that millions of Brits buy at least one cup of coffee while they’re out and about every day. Research published by Mintel earlier this year found that the country’s coffee shop market is now worth £3.4 billion!

With that in mind, should bars be doing more to try and lure customers in during the day for their caffeine hit, rather than letting them pass them by as they head to one of many coffee shops?

Bar Magazine thinks bars that don’t cater for coffee drinkers are “missing a trick”. The publication points out that, as a nation, we drink 55 million cups of coffee every day. It also notes that a growing number of independent coffee shops have started offering alcohol and opening later in the day, running events to attract customers.

That means they’re now competing more closely with pubs and bars – and that’s something that these businesses need to try to address.

The magazine has offered a few tips for bars that want to improve or expand their coffee offering. Top of the list is having a coffee machine – which may sound obvious – but it is essential if you want to succeed in getting people to visit your place for coffee as well as beer.

Next up is the quality of the private label coffee you offer. “If you don’t have good quality beans, you will never have a great cup of coffee,” the publication stated. It added that this doesn’t necessarily mean your coffee has to be expensive, just that you need to do a bit of research to find a blend that tastes great and works for your business.

Finally, learning about coffee, where it comes from and the subtle differences in flavour between the various beans available is a must. You don’t need to be an expert on every type of coffee out there, but you should know the basics about your own beans.

Suppliers will be able to provide you with the details you need, but you – and your staff – should be able to answer questions about where your coffee comes from, what kind of flavours it has and whether or not it’s fair trade.

As well as making sure you’ve got your coffee and coffee-making equipment in order, you might also want to consider the ambience in your bar during the day. Making a few small changes to its layout and ensuring there are comfy seats, as well as tables where people can work, will make it more appealing to the coffee shop crowd.

Writing for Spectator Life recently, Jenny Coad said that one of the reasons why independent cafes appeal more than the high-street chains is that they are “the sort of places you want to hunker down for the morning with the papers, a novel or your laptop”.

Your bar or pub may already lend itself to this kind of atmosphere, but if it doesn’t, see if there are any easy changes you can make to give it a more welcoming and cosy feel during the day time.

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