The Rise Of Mobile Coffee Companies

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It’s always interesting to see the latest trends coming to the fore in the coffee industry. The world of coffee and out of home is fast moving, so keeping an eye on trends and developments is crucial for us, and our customers, to stay one step ahead.

In recent years, the concept of street food and pop-ups have been on the rise and we are delighted to see this move into the world of coffee as well. The world of takeaway has been spun on its head and many forward-thinking businesses are taking full advantage.

Innovative tech companies such as Deliveroo and Uber Eats are riding the wave of convenience, giving consumers access to restaurant and coffee shop food and drink, without having to step foot out of their front door.

Mobile coffee vans and innovative ways of serving coffee on the go have seen a huge rise in recent months. Countless mobile coffee companies are now being set up so that people can enjoy their favourite cuppa quickly and conveniently.

One of the UK’s only manufacturers of mobile coffee vans is based not far from the Lincoln & York roastery in Hull. The Big Coffee Company has been hand crafting stylish mobile coffee vans for over a decade – as you’ll see in the photos above and below of their recent projects. From bespoke Piaggio Apé carts to smart car conversions, there are a huge amount of options to deliver a creative concept on-the-move.

One of the first mobile coffee companies was Coffee-Bike, set up back in 2010 by two very enterprising students in Germany. Not a delivery service but an actual mobile coffee shop, Coffee-Bike ensures that coffee aficionados are able to enjoy the very finest in hot beverages from any location, whether that be a street corner, the park or a weekly market.

From here, the word soon spread and now you can invest in a wide variety of different mobile coffee carts that you can use to help promote your actual coffee shop and ensure your customers can get their cafes au lait whenever and wherever they want. Wheelys, for example, is a bicycle café that first started out just offering coffee, but now they have the facilities to offer juices, ice cream, crepes and a whole lot more… the only limit is your imagination.

The rise of the mobile coffee shop is not something we predict will slow down anytime soon. If you’re thinking seriously about investing in a mobile pop-up for your own private label coffee, get in touch to see how we can work together.



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