Will The UK See More Late-Night Coffee Shops?

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Anyone who’s travelled around Europe or the Middle East in particular will have seen the popularity of late-night cafes, where people can order a coffee into the evening and enjoy it with their friends, rather than heading to the pub.

While there’s obviously still considerable demand for pubs and bars in the UK, a growing number of establishments are looking at ways to blend this alcohol-centric offering with coffee and tea.

Writing for i News, Gillian McDonald noted that there are already a number of independent cafes around the country that have started opening later and offering coffee, as well as alcohol in some cases, to their patrons.

Dave Law, co-founder of the Brew Lab cafe in Edinburgh, explained that they decided to open until 9pm five days a week to provide somewhere for people to enjoy a drink in surroundings between a bar and cafe.

As well as continuing to serve hot beverages, they also offer cocktails and other alcoholic drinks, but have found that coffee remains popular into the evening.

Mr Law commented: “I think it’s important to continue to innovate and offer something that can ensure people keep coming after the usual daytime coffee shop opening hours.”

Coffee shop sales in the UK have increased considerably in the past five years, research published earlier this year revealed, and further growth is predicted by 2021. Being able to open later should help cafes increase their sales if they’re able to market themselves effectively.

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