5 Of The Best & Worst Coffee Inventions

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When it comes to private label coffee and the wider coffee world, there are many bright sparks out there coming up with all sorts of fantastic inventions to help take your coffee-drinking to the next level. Of course, some are better than others and some leave you scratching your head, wondering just who came up with that idea. We’ve had a long hard look down the back of the internet and have found some of the very best – and one of the very worst – coffee inventions over the years. Take a look!

Bookmans Bike Coffee Cup Holder

Anyone who bikes here, there and everywhere will definitely find this cup holder especially useful, since it means they can bike to work and not have to give up their favourite cup of Java Joe. At £25 it’s not the cheapest bit of metal we’ve ever seen, but it clips on easily to your bike handlebars and comes in two different sizes depending on how thirsty you are for your morning cuppa.

The Self Stirring Mug

We’re all pushed for time these days but even so, investing in a self-stirring mug seems to be taking laziness to another extreme. We’re sure we’ve all got time to stir our own coffee, right? This particular product needs two batteries to make it run and all you have to do is press the stir button for it to mix your coffee up for you. Simples!

Coffee Joulies

These aren’t exactly cheap either, with a set of five setting you back $47.96, but if you want to make sure that your coffee stays the perfect temperature for longer then you need to invest in some Coffee Joulies right now. These are simply polished stainless steel shells that have been filled with an advanced phase change material that melts at 140 degrees F. You put them in your coffee and they work by absorbing the heat when the drink is too hot. When your coffee reaches the perfect temperature, the heat the Joulies store is released to keep it at that temperature for longer. Inspired! They’d also make great Christmas stocking fillers.

The Barisieur

We blogged about this alarm clock and coffee brewer before, and we’re blogging about it again because it just so very cool. Stainless steel ball bearings boil the water through induction heating, so that you’re woken up each morning when you want by the delicious aroma of freshly brewed coffee. What on earth could possibly be better than that?

The Ripple Maker

If you’ve not quite got to grips with your own latte art then you need to get yourself a Ripple Maker. It works by using printing technology to create images or text on top of the foam layer on your coffee. Simply put your cup on the machine, pick your image from the content library and then you’re ready to roll.

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