New Mushroom Coffee Trend Hits London!

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There are always new trends popping up in the world of private label coffee roasting but some will always prove more popular and have greater staying power than others. We’ve just heard tell that there’s a new coffee craze currently doing the rounds – and it might just well surprise you!

According to the London Evening Standard, the East London Juice Company has just launched a mushroom latte that uses locally foraged mushrooms from just outside the city, homemade milk from Spanish almonds and sweeteners like raw coconut sugar, yacon, maple syrup or stevia.

Founder of the company Charisse Baker explained that she first discovered this particular version of coffee while out and about in the Canadian wilderness. Apparently it’s thought that the mushrooms can help to boost brain function and keep you more alert.

Similarly, Curators Coffee also serves a mushroom-inspired espresso with mushroom consommé on the side. Catherine Sea, founder, said: “You wouldn’t order the mushroom coffee every day but it can awaken the palate and make you taste your usual coffee differently.”

It may be that there are added health benefits to supping your morning cuppa with a mushroom or two. Speaking to the Health website earlier this year, registered dietitian Cynthia Nass said maitake mushrooms can lower blood glucose for people with Type 2 diabetes, while Chagas are believed to help support digestive health, while keeping bacteria and viruses at bay.

So with winter nearly upon us, it might be a good idea to start putting some mushrooms in your coffee if you want to make it through to spring without the sniffles!

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