Introducing Exciting New Bags of Flavour!

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It gives us a great sense of relief, and excitement, to be able to present to you our flavoursome new range of coffee bags: ‘Bags of Flavour’.

We feel the name is more than appropriate. That’s because our beans are roasted, ground, packed and sealed, to lock in premium freshness and all the fabulous flavours we’re renowned for!


Why Coffee Bags?

As expert coffee roasters, we wanted to encapsulate some of the finest flavours we’ve uncovered from the around the coffee origins, and package them up to be experienced in a quick and convenient way.

Coffee bags seemed like the ideal solution, to appease a coffee market that’s demanding both quality coffee and coffee convenience.

Advancements in technology have allowed us to access and experience coffee shop or barista style coffee, at home. Yet, some of these methods can be pricey and patience testing. Therefore, we wanted to develop a solution to the problem.

With instant coffee still holding a significant sector of the coffee market, and 57% of consumers buying it for home consumption, it’s clear people still prioritise speed. Now, we’ve added premium quality tasting coffee, to that mix.


Coffee Bag Options

Single Origin

  • 100% Colombian
  • Gentle orange acidity with fruity & nutty flavours
  • 7.5g coffee bags









House Blend

  • Sumatran, Brazilian & Indian blend
  • Rich, sweet, dark chocolate flavours
  • 7.5g coffee bags










  • Caffeine removed
  • Silky, smooth and sweet milk chocolate flavours
  • 7.5g coffee bags










Beautifully Bespoke Coffee Bags










Want to give your coffee bags their own identity? When ordering a minimum batch of coffee bags from us, you can create a more personalised feel by choosing your packaging and adding your logo.

Select your coffee bag preference:

Black, White, Kraft




Select your logo colour preference: black, white, red, blue, brown, gold, silver or grey



If you have your own unique blend and want to bag it up, just ask us!



Option 1:

  • One of the above coffee bag flavours
  • Generic packaging
  • Minimum order quantity of 1 box (100 coffee bags per box)

Option 2:

  • One of the above coffee bag flavours
  • Choose from our generic foils
  • Company logo
  • Minimum order quantity of 18 boxes (100 coffee bags per box)

Option 3:

  • Your own coffee blend
  • Choose from our generic foils
  • Company logo
  • Minimum order quantity of 80 boxes (100 coffee bags per box)



If you’d like to sample our coffee bags, before placing an order, all you have to do is request a sample by emailing us:

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