The Turmeric Latte – The Latest Hot Drink Craze?

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There’s been a lot of talk in the Lincoln & York office, and indeed the food and drink industry as a whole, this month about the health benefits of turmeric. Famed for its medicinal power and healing properties, turmeric has been on the menus of health food shops for decades – but not necessarily in hot drink form.

The turmeric latte appears to be the newest hot drink on the market, appearing on the hot drinks menu at many cafés as an alternative to coffee.

Turmeric, the base flavour of the drink, is a vibrant orange/yellow spice native to parts of India that, although part of the ginger family, has a distinctive peppery or mustardy taste. Here’s one recipe  showing how to make the bizarre-sounding beverage.

Although popularity of the drink seems to be building, alongside the more mainstream matcha latte, coffee manufacturers and operators needn’t fear. Coffee suppliers don’t have to sell up and stock up on turmeric just yet, coffee remains the stalwart of the hot beverage drink selection.

No array of piquant, turmeric-laden drinks will change this fact. But we still may well give it a try when we get the chance!

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