How Much Coffee Do You Think The Friends Characters Drank In 10 Years?

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TV show Friends is one of those series that will never die. It’s perennially popular and will never lose its lustre for fans of all ages – perhaps in large part because it’s always on the TV!

And now, a rather frivolous study has been conducted by London-based writer Kit Lovelace who has dedicated his time to working out how many cups of coffee each of the different characters drank over the decade that the hit show was broadcast for.

He tracked all the drinking that took place over the 236 episodes and found that there were an impressive 1,154 cups of coffee drunk in total – with Phoebe supping on 227 all on her own, nearly one per episode!

She was followed by Chandler who enjoyed 212 cups of Java Joe, Monica with 198, Joey with 191 and Ross with 188. Rachel came at the bottom of the list, with a comparatively small 138.

“It makes sense that Rachel didn’t rack up so many cups ― as she was a waitress for so long ― but I’d have thought the smart money was on Chandler winning out before I started,” Mr Lovelace told the Huffington Post over Twitter.

A few years ago, Friends and coffee aficionados were able to combine their two true loves and actually have a brew at a real-life Central Perk, which opened its doors in New York back in 2014 in order to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the show, which premiered back in 1994. Apparently, queues stretched the whole way down the street as fans clamoured to take a peek at the coffee shop!

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