Which Coffee Trends Should You Follow?

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There’s no doubt about it – the world of coffee roasting companies has certainly changed in the last few years. The drink has undergone a serious revolution and if you’re running a coffee shop or similar, you can’t expect to do big business if all you offer your customers is one variety of bean, some hot water, a dash of milk and some sugar. These days, you’ve got to keep up with all the latest coffee trends or you’ll find yourself having to look for a new business venture sooner rather than later.

It’s fair to say that some trends have more staying power than others, but it can hard to identify which ones are just a flash in the pan and which will be around for years. That’s why market research is such a good idea so you can find out which of the hottest coffee picks your customers are most interested in – so you don’t waste your time trying them out, only to find them flopping in the end.

If you haven’t already noticed, unicorns are doing the rounds as one of the most popular themes across the board – and now it’s finally come to the world of coffee, with Starbucks launching a Unicorn Frappuccino over in the US. If you’re looking for a flash-in-the-pan example, this is probably it. The novelty factor will see sales boom for a bit but it’s unlikely that a beverage inspired by a mythical creature will be around this time next year.

And you’ve got to think about your baristas as well – Starbucks employees are already voicing concerns about how long it’ll take to make. And what about your customers? Do you think they’ll want to stand there for half an hour while your baristas whip the drink up for them? As a novelty concept, it’s a good one – but if you’re tempted to do something similar, make sure it’s just a week-long event so that your members of staff don’t go completely insane.

So what could you do instead that taps into trends people are keen to try out but which won’t push your employees to breaking point? One top idea to consider is coffee spread, which can be slathered all over toast, or you could consider getting yourself a licence so you can serve up drinks that mix coffee beans and beer.

And, of course, mixing coffee with food will always go over well – a trend that really will go the distance, don’t you think? You can make all sorts of coffee-related puddings, but something a little exotic will win you Brownie points. Look to the streets of Hanoi for inspiration, where you’ll find Vietnamese egg coffee.

This first came about back in 1946 when a bartender ran out of milk and needed something to make the coffee creamy – so egg yolk was whisked into it! Why don’t you try running this as a promotion for a week to see what your customers think?

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