Coffee And Cocktails: What Are The Best Beverages?

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Although the coffee shop market has been experiencing strong growth in recent years, that’s far from the only place where a good cup of coffee is expected. Restaurants have long served coffee after meals, and now more and more bars are focusing on the beverage.

However, for bars it isn’t always about the hot varieties of coffee like classic lattes, Americanos and cappuccinos – they are creating delicious cocktails with coffee.

The Evening Standard has highlighted some of the best coffee cocktails on offer in the capital – which could provide some inspiration for bars elsewhere that are looking to offer new coffee-based concoctions.

Like any cocktail, the key to a great flavour is to use the highest quality ingredients and that means sourcing the best private label coffee for use in your bar – whether that’s during the day for hot drinks or in the evening for cocktails.

So, back to the cocktails that London’s bars are offering. According to the newspaper, “the best caffeine cocktails are found at coffee shops, where bean obsessives ensure that only the finest ethically sourced, house-roasted, hand-ground blends get mixed with your tipple”.

For a great selection, pay a visit to Grind where you can sample a boozy twist on classic coffees, including Flat White Russians and the house speciality – the Grind Cafe Francais, which blends filter coffee with Grey Goose vodka, espresso-infused cream and cacao nibs.

There are various takes on Negronis at bars and cafes around the city, the newspaper notes, but for one of the weirdest coffee combinations you need to visit Chapter 72 in Bermondsey, where you can order the Netflix & Chill, which is Tia Maria, popcorn syrup, organic milk and espresso, served with a side of popcorn.

It isn’t only in London where coffee cocktails are rising in popularity. Last month, the Liverpool Echo reported on the opening of Mangobean, which is a coffee shop concept where you can enjoy waffles, coffees and non-alcoholic coffee cocktails.

The chain is growing in popularity and has a number of outlets around the UK, the newspaper noted.

In Edinburgh, meanwhile, a new coffee bar and lounge has opened as part of an aparthotel. Bar Magazine highlighted Hyde & Son, which takes its coffee very seriously. As well as serving all the regular options you’d expect during the day, it has a stellar caffeine-fuelled cocktail menu for the evenings too.

Espresso martinis, Hyde Negronis and Black Magics are all on the menu – the latter is a mixture of coffee liqueur, passion fruit, mango, orange and cucumber.

The growing popularity of coffee-infused cocktails suggests that coffee lovers are increasingly looking for ways to combine their favourite hot beverage with something a little stronger, so bars need to make sure they focus on offering unusual coffee combinations, as well as the standard espresso martini.

There’s nothing to stop you offering warm coffee-based cocktails either – these can go down especially well in the depths of winter when customers are looking for something warming. Although spring isn’t far off, the latest cold snap goes to show that we haven’t put winter behind us just yet.

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