10am – The Optimum Time For Your First Cup Of Coffee, Apparently!

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No doubt there are many of you out there who simply can’t function properly in the morning without your fresh cup of private label coffee – but it’s possible that you might be drinking it too early and this could be having an impact on the quality of your sleep.

So says new research from Dr Sarah Brewer and bed company Time 4 Sleep, revealing that the first cup of coffee should actually never be enjoyed before ten in the morning, which is far later than the national average of 08:30, iNews reports.

The health expert explained, however, that the best time for drinking coffee is actually an individual thing and it will depend on your genes, lifestyle and biorhythms. But saying that, it’s never wise to have a coffee as soon as you wake up because your body will naturally be flooded with cortisol that will make you alert and energetic after sleep.

“Your blood cortisol levels are highest between half an hour and two hours after waking. When your cortisol is peaking, it’s the worst time to drink coffee because the caffeine mimics the stress response, causing these levels to rise even further. This disturbs your biorhythms and induces a caffeine intolerance so it is less effective later in the day,” Dr Brewer was quoted by the news source as saying.

As for your last cup of java Joe, try not to have one at least three hours before bedtime or your sleep could be disturbed. Research published last year by the Sleep Disorders & Research Center at Henry Ford Hospital and Wayne State College of Medicine found that caffeine did have a big impact on sleep disturbance at zero, three and six hours before bedtime.

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