The White Russian

 In Black Eye Cold Brew

For the blissfully unaware amongst you, this is not a story about the heroics of a caucasian individual from the former Eastern Slavic state, but an article about an alcoholic beverage, instead.


In the beginning

Originating as the ‘Black Russian’, the addition of cream evolved it into the ‘White Russian’, sometime after World War II. The other key elements of the cocktail were vodka and coffee liqueur, served over ice, in a traditional rocks glass.


Belgian – not Russian

Contrary to popular belief, and bizarrely enough, both the Black and White Russian are not Russian at all. In fact, history has it that in 1949 a Belgian barman named Gustave Tops, (which also sounds like a nice beverage), was inspired by the former United States Ambassador to Luxembourg, Perle Mesta, and created a drink in his honour. So, from hotel Metropole in Brussels, the Black Russian was born. The only connection to Russia was the hearty amount of vodka used. Assumptions were made because of the natural association between Russia and its favourite tipple: vodka.


The creation of a cult classic

Fast forward almost 50 years, to the movie ‘The Big Lebowski’ (directed by the Coen brothers) and the sudden surge in White Russian cocktails begun, cementing both the film and cocktail as cult classics. The White Russian was Jeffrey ‘The Dude’ Lebowski’s drink of choice throughout the film, opening the door for curious cocktail lovers to sample the delights.


A first time for everything

This summer, the 2018 FIFA World Cup will be hosted by Russia, for the very first time. And, this summer, we’re encouraging you to try a Black Eye White Russian for the very first time.

Football has a global appeal. People from all around the world will attempt to immerse themselves in to Russian culture throughout the tournament; we suspect the misinformed origins of the White Russian cocktail will be at the forefront of such cultural enlightenment attempts, therefore, we’ve created our own version of the cocktail.


The Black Eye White Russian

Rather than a coffee liqueur to add that velvety richness, we opted for our very own Black Eye Cold Brew. The methodology behind our cold brew process bolsters the flavour of the coffee and transcends the taste buds to new heights. 


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World Cup Campaign

In the next week, we’ll be delivering 600 litres of Black Eye Cold Brew to select bars and coffee shops in our neighbouring city of Hull. We’d hope that the city and it’s people will join us in celebrating the World Cup with a Black Eye White Russian in hand!

Next time we’ll be heading elsewhere in the UK with one of our other creative cocktails in tow!

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