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Cold brew coffee bags

Cold Brew Coffee CupYes, that’s right, you too can now claim to brew your own cold brew. You can now enter the fold with a quality cold brew coffee product, minus the scientific mayhem.

Leave the technicalities to us. That way you can concentrate on saving time on the practical set-up, saving space in your fridge and savouring the flavour of our cold brew coffee bags instead.


Cold brew coffee on the rise

After realising that the Google search trend ‘brew your own cold brew’ was becoming more and more obsessive, we set about developing a cold brew coffee that you can brew yourself, just as easy as typing it into a search bar.

Let’s hope our Black Eye Cold Brew coffee bags get your tail wagging well beyond the intense caffeine levels they posses.


Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Cold Brew Coffee Bags

Convenience is key, as is premium flavour, in today’s coffee market. Therefore, these were the main objectives we focused on, when creating our cold brew coffee bags.

Our concept is simple. It’s just like making a cup of tea, but instead of a tea bag, you’ll opt for a Black Eye Cold Brew coffee bag, add cold water, rather than hot, and leave in the fridge overnight, ready for the morning. Also, there’s no need to add sugar. Black Eye Cold Brew has a naturally sweet taste despite having 0% sugar.

You can enjoy cold brew coffee anytime of day, at any time of the year. It’s particularly refreshing during the summer months and makes a perfect replacement for unhealthy, sugary, fizzy drinks.

Usually, our enhanced flavours are developed through our meticulous cold brew process by ensuring the coffee is extracted in oxygen free conditions for up to 14 hours. Rest assured that our expert Q Graders have put in the overtime to guarantee the flavours are present in our cold brew coffee bags.

Luckily, we have tailored an exceptional blend of Arabica beans from Guatemala, Colombia and Brazil, each carrying their own characteristics to deliver on a fabulous final flavour.


Where can you get Black Eye Cold Brew coffee bags?

Conveniently, because we roast, brew and pack all our coffee here in the UK, getting your paws on our product has never been easier!

If you’re attending London Coffee Festival this weekend (28th-31st), visit us on stand T01 at to be among the first to try our cold brew coffee bags, alternatively you can email us at for more information!

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