Black Eye Cold Brew to Debut at London Coffee Festival

 In Black Eye Cold Brew

If you’ve ever happened to see a dog sleeping and wondered what magical things they must be dreaming of to cause such ear-twitching, leg-kicking, tail-wagging animation, it’s probably the excitement of launching their own cold brew coffee range at one of the world’s largest coffee events. That’s how we see it, anyway.

Introducing Black Eye Cold Brew

Black Eye Cold Brew welcomes you to ‘the bark side of coffee’: a new, and contemporary, way of consuming coffee, served straight from the tap to create unique textures and flavours for casual cold coffee drinks, mocktails and cocktails.

The brewing process behind Black Eye is what gives it real bite. A blend of beans sourced from the legendary coffee growing countries of Brazil, Colombia and Guatemala are crushed, ground and drenched in the finest cold filtered water for 14 hours. Escaping contact with oxygen and hot water to enrich its freshness, Black Eye develops a naturally smoother and sweeter finish, inviting an enhanced sensory experience for all coffee lovers.

Black Eye at London Coffee Festival

The opportunity to launch Black Eye Cold Brew to some of the industry’s finest, at one of the globe’s most renowned coffee occasions, is a rare but exciting prospect. LCF is the perfect playground to let Black Eye off its leash, to explore potential business avenues and opportunities.

Entering its seventh year, the LCF is anticipating crowds of over 30,000, at the Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London. In attendance will be people hailing from all walks of the coffee industry, and hopefully we’ll attract some true coffee companions over at our stand.

Furthermore, the timing of the event (April 12 -15th) is particularly pleasing, as we hope (after sampling the goods) people will place orders to coincide with the surge of the summertime drinks market. However, we’re keen to emphasise that Black Eye is for life, not just for summer!

Marking Our Territory

According to Allegra, the last 5 years have seen a 37% rise in coffee shop sales, and an overall coffee growth of 7.3% in 2017 alone. It’d be great for Black Eye to make inroads and provide an alternative option in this sector. Additionally, there has been a sudden spike in consumers wanting more alcoholic offerings in such establishments too, resulting in a new trend of coffee shop/bar hybrids. These establishments have become real social hubs, who open their doors to everyone, and are exploiting new avenues by remaining open into the evenings. Moreover, the baristas are often very keen to produce the very best tasting (and looking) coffee concoctions, making Black Eye a perfect accompaniment.

Away from the coffee shops, millennials are enforcing current trends, as they search for the next new thing. Due to the fact that cold coffee has already proven popular with the younger generations, Black Eye is perfectly poised to attract the current health conscious consumer, as it contains 0% sugar, yet remains seriously sweet in flavour. Add to that the reliable and sustainable sourcing of ingredients, and Black Eye meets the current demands for the modern coffee drinker.

Our Master: Lincoln & York

Black Eye are an offshoot of white-label wholesale coffee suppliers Lincoln & York. The Lincolnshire based firm have been supplying some of the finest coffee to many of the UK’s favourite coffee brands, since 1994. Their state-of-the-art facilities, including two roasteries, boast the ability to pack 13 lines, with their 70 strong team. What’s more is that their expertise includes in-house Q-graders and a QR-grader, to ensure only the best of the best hits the market. That’s why we believe Black Eye has the edge.

To discover more about Black Eye Cold Brew, you can visit the Lincoln & York website, or follow our social channels.

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